About us

Comfort, elegance and a pleasant atmosphere are the most important aspects on which Hostel Jaz started. In addition to the welcoming design of the rooms and the spaces that make up this hostel, our team is ready to always greet you with a smile and provide you with the best quality services.


Jaz rooms combine modern, contemporary design with elegance. They have been specially designed to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for all of our guests


When it comes to our customers, the main aspect on which we focus all our attention is comfort. Thus, we chose the highest quality materials to give birth to Jaz cameras.

Modern and elegant design

The rooms of Jaz hostel greet their clients with freshness due to the modern and elegant design. The pieces of furniture and the decorative objects definitely make a pleasant atmosphere!

Multiple facilities

Among the facilities that Hostel Jaz has. The rooms have wi-fi, terrace and the possibility of serving breakfast.

Favorable positioning

Although the location of the Jaz hostel is close to the center of the Capital, we chose for our clients a place away from the crowds, where peace and relaxing atmosphere predominate.

Affordable rates

If you are looking for a hostel that offers high quality accommodation services at affordable prices, Hostel Jaz is the ideal choice. We offer our clients both double and triple rooms.

Breakfast in the fresh air

Although the Jaz hostel is equipped with a dining room where breakfast can be served, tourists who visit us have the opportunity to enjoy our terrace.